Content marketing: know the basic models

Content marketing: know the basic models

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Content marketingThere are no two ways about it, content generates traffic. As the old saying goes ‘content is king.’ You better believe it. Content is what makes the Internet worth using. People don’t care about your fancy graphics or your sexy pop-ups or fascinating call to action. They are interested in content. That’s what got them to the internet in the first place and that’s what drives them to buy your stuff.

Don’t get it mixed up. Don’t get it twisted. People are all about content. With that out of the way, it’s very important to realize if you want to make money thru content marketing that content generates traffic. It drives attention and pulls traffic from search engines and social media to your website.

Content is the bait that you use to hook your marketing platforms and marketing tools so you can get people to bite on your offer and have all these activity convert into dollars and cents in your bank account. It’s that simple. However, as powerful as content is, there are different ways of content marketing.

There are many different models of content marketing. In fact, the only limit to all the variations in specific marketing models is your imagination but for simplicity’s sake I have broken them down into three major subgroups. Of course within these subgroups are very specialized sub subgroups but for the interest of the discussion, I have broken them into three larger subgroups. They are site based content marketing, syndication and branding content marketing. Know the difference between these three models because if you pick the wrong model to achieve your objectives, you will probably get less than optimal results.

The model you select must fit your particular objectives. These models have different strong points. They fit certain objectives better than others. Get a clear idea of how they operate and pick the right model if you want to achieve the success that you’re looking for with your content.

Site-based or static content marketing

This is the most basic content of content marketing. In this model, the world comes to you. It’s like the movie ‘Field of Dreams’ – you build it and they will come. This is the model. You basically build your content and eventually small groups of people will come. Don’t be discouraged when your content only gets a small amount of traffic initially. These people form the initial user base of your content. If your content is worth its salt and it does its job right then that basic people will grow. Why? Because people gravitate towards quality content. I can’t say it enough.

The internet is filled with crappy content. Either these content don’t engage people in emotional level or these contents just fail to deliver. Bad content is a dime a dozen. If your website stands head and shoulders above your competition in terms of content quality, guess what? People will come to you and not only that, they will tell their friends. Eventually if you give them enough tools like social media buttons, comment boxes and other community building tools, you can have a thriving and vibrant community just based around your content.

The great thing about the static model is that the content does all the work. All you have to do is just produce the content and the content will handle the social media marketing, search engine optimization, search engine marketing and all other marketing tasks. You don’t have to lift a finger in order to drive traffic. Downside of this model is you’re going to wait a while until the word goes out that your content is excellent. The best way to promote a static or site based model is to give social media a push. The trick here is to figure out how much of a push to give your site. If you push too much, Google might notice and think that you are spamming and penalize. If you push too little then it might take too long to gain attraction.


Article marketing has been around for a long time, it’s not exactly new. In fact for the longest time, there are many websites that exists solely to store articles that site publishers might find useful and republish. This whole process is called syndication. There are many websites that specialize in this. Article directories, e-zine, directories and so forth. For a long time this model worked well. It was a very easy and to be honest, lazy model. All you needed to do was to create an article, create a blog, publish your article on your blog, wait a little bit to get it indexed then submit that same article to article directory sites.

The goal is for other people in your niche who supposedly have the same traffic profile as you will like your content and republish it on their website. For the longest time, people actually did these because content was fairly expensive. Good content was very hard to find. So people looking for authority content all the time and they didn’t have the money to commission high quality original content so they just used syndicated content.

Many people were making pretty good money just writing quality articles, having it syndicated and putting their links at the bottom and people would like the article consider the author credible and trustworthy and they would click the link and that link would go to the author’s promotions page or squeeze page or sales page and the author would make money. Everybody was happy. Unfortunately this model was abused when many people who were looking for a way to make a quick buck started scraping article directory sites. They used automated software to just make copies of content that’s located in article directory and used another piece of software to create many different blogs all over the internet and blast that article. This filled the internet with these garbage websites.

You can look up Matt Cutts, the head of web spam team at Google and see what he has to say with low quality sites and articles that were just mass published. He doesn’t go on the record to say that syndicated content is going to be penalized necessarily but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that this model is no longer workable.

Many article sites especially the better ones are asking people who submit articles to make sure that the articles are original and many people who used to publish such material no longer publish that material because of Google’s scraper, farmer and panda updates. While technically syndication is still alive from the production end and the publishing end it just doesn’t make as much sense as it did. This is kind of controversial topic in many affiliate marketing forms but the reality is that it’s not as effective as before. You may be better off doing other things with your contents than syndicating it.


If you think the site based model is too slow and the syndication model is too random or uncertain, you might want to brand your website through the branding content marketing model. How does this work? Basically you create a powerful piece of content and you solicit their websites namely blogs to publish that content. You promise them that you’re not going to submit that content anywhere else. They are getting original content. In exchange, they will put your link at the bottom of the blog post. If everything works out, this creates a win-win situation.

The blog owner who doesn’t have the time, energy or resources to continuously produce original content gets original content. You on the other hand get access to that blog’s existing audience and just as importantly you get a back link to your website. Everybody wins. The downside to this is that many people, again, abuse the system. They write articles that are just based on their keywords. They don’t care where it’s going to be published. The biggest sin, however, is that the people who abuse the system don’t fully take advantage of the biggest benefit of the branding model of content marketing. Branding. That is the biggest benefit you will get from this model.

You don’t write the article to get search engine traffic per se. You write the article so you can establish in the minds of the readers of the blog that posted your material that you’re an authority. You make the argument through your informative article that you are credible and trustworthy. If you establish this, you create a brand and a name for yourself and people will look for you. People will search for you based on your niche. This is the proper way of using the branding model of content marketing. It’s not about getting quick backlinks. It’s not about tricking blog owners. It’s all about building a name for yourself. Take advantage of this opportunity the right way.

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