Five Sure-Fire Ways To Produce Effective Content

Five Sure-Fire Ways To Produce Effective Content

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Five Sure-Fire Ways To Produce Effective ContentThere are many ways to measure success in online marketing. For many old school marketers, marketing success is measured by the amount of visits your landing or offer pages get and how many sales or lead captures they produce. Fair enough. However, this metric leaves a lot to be desired.


To figure out the right way to measure success, keep the following example in mind. If you spent $1000 to get 1000 hits which yielded $2000 in sales within 15 days, it is easy to get excited. However, compare this to a situation where you spend $1000 for 200 hits which yields $4000 in sales within 60 days. Much better numbers, right? Well, consider a third situation where you spend $1000 for 100 hits which yield $5000 in sales within 90 days. These situations highlight the point that your marketing campaigns must be evaluated in terms of both return on investment (ROI) and opportunity costs.


ROI is much easier to understand among the two metrics. ROI can be simply reduced to ‘getting the most value while investing the least amount of resources.’ In other words, the best ROI produces the most while requiring the least. Unfortunately, many people mess up their ROI analysis when they don’t factor in their greatest asset-time. Accordingly, among the situations listed above, the best ROI was produced by the campaign that raked in $2000 within 15 days. This is because we applied an opportunity costs analysis as well. Measuring a marketing option’s effectiveness or desirability in terms of opportunity costs is easy. You simply have to measure your results based on the same time block with the results of alternative campaigns. Pick the campaign that produces the most results within the same amount of time.

You have to keep ROI and opportunity costs firmly in mind when creating online content. You don’t want to spend your resources merely spinning your wheels or settling for scraps when there are other higher-yielding alternatives on the market. Here are five sure-fire ways to boost the ROI of your content.


Content ROI Boosting Strategy #5: Study your traffic patterns to give your visitors what they want


Traffic to your websiteSadly, too many online marketers think they are already doing this. Their sad results reveal how badly mistaken they are. If you aren’t making much money with your current content, you are probably doing something wrong. This may be as something as basic as giving your visitors content that they don’t really need. How do you fix this? Pay attention to the search queries people use to visit your site. Which are the most frequently used search queries? Correlate this with the content on your page and your bounce rate. Do most people bounce back out after landing on your pages? Compare your pages with other search results for the same queries. Are your pages offering something very different? Are your pages offering the same stuff? Rewrite your content so you offer more value to your visitors. Interlink your page to rich internal content deeper within your site so you can reduce your bounce rate. Keep tweaking your pages until you reduce your bounce rate dramatically.


Content ROI Boosting Strategy #4: Draw your users in with better headlines


 Draw your users in with better headlinesLooking at your stats, do you notice that most of your traffic lands on your front page? Do most of your visitors land on your home page and leave? If any of the above is true, you need to invest in a good writer or invest more of your time to produce compelling headlines. Headlines are the ‘hooks’ that draw your visitors in. If they don’t get hooked, they won’t read the rest of your blog or site. You have to write your headlines in such a way that they emotionally engage your visitors. How do you do this? Appeal to their emotions. Keep experimenting with different subject lines until you notice a big improvement in the number of visitors clicking through. This effort is well worth it since it can mean the difference between your website succeeding or failing. Why? If your visitors don’t click through, they won’t load pages. The less page views your site generates, the less ad views. The less ad views, the less money you make. It really is that simple. Boost your revenues by investing in better headlines.


Content ROI Boosting Strategy #3: Appeal to readers with short attention spans


Appeal to readers with short attention spansLet’s face it-most people just don’t have the time to read novel-length content. They need to get what they are looking for in as short of a period of time as possible. Sadly, many website owners don’t get this. They keep posting huge blocks of text and wonder why they aren’t making any money off their sites. Use WordPress’ next page tag to chop up your content into bite-sized pieces your visitors can easily digest. The easier you make it for your visitors, the more you’ll get rewarded with more page views and, eventually, more revenue.


Content ROI Boosting Strategy #2: Make sure your content is ‘always closing’


Make sure your content is ‘always closing’You are an online marketer because you want to make money. You aren’t publishing online for your health. You are doing so because you want to put extra money in your pocket. If you agree with this, then why aren’t you publishing content that is always closing? Why are you publishing content that just takes up space on your website? To make money with your websites, you have to post content that is always closing. In other words, the content must always lead the visitor to a greater understanding, appreciation, and need of whatever it is you are selling. What makes this easier to say than do is the fact that you have to write your content in such a way that it doesn’t read like a massive ad. This takes a lot of experience and a lot of practice. Don’t kick yourself you don’t get things right the first time you try. Keep at it. You know you’ve making progress when you see more sales, ad clicks, or email subscriptions from your site.


Content ROI Boosting Strategy #1: Make sure your content reads like it is obviously meant to be shared


Make sure your content reads like it is obviously meant to be sharedThe sad truth is that most of the people who visit your site won’t be back again. Ever. This should make the urgency of getting traffic to your site very urgent. You have to hit a home run every time you step up to the plate. This means you have to make your content work hard to promote your website by drawing in more people. The best way to do this is to produce content that is meant to be shared over Facebook or Twitter. This means your content has to have a snappy title, short parts that are easy to skim or scan, and lots of drama or emotional engagement that develops a sense of urgency in the mind of your content’s readers. If all these qualities are present, your content has a higher chance of being passed on to friends and family through social networks. Don’t let your content just lie there. You have to make sure your content has legs.


Keep the tips above in mind if you don’t want to waste money on content. Every dollar you spend on your content must work to produce more dollars. Otherwise, you’re just throwing good money out after bad. Make every piece of content you publish count. Read the tips above and implement them so you can get more bang out of every content development buck you spend!

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