How to Get Search Traffic from YouTube

How to Get Search Traffic from YouTube

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Internet LaptopIf you haven’t been paying attention, Google has released several updates in the past 2 years that has truly changed the search engine optimization game. Getting traffic from the internet got much harder because of the Panda and Penguin updates.

Google has made it a little more challenging to get free traffic from its search engine. However, they left one key detail out which many online marketers now use as a backdoor to get Google listings. What is this chink in Google’s armor? It’s YouTube.

You can rank for YouTube’s search terms which you can’t in Google’s regular search engine. This is the key weakness that many smart marketers are presently taking advantage of. I strongly recommend that you leverage this strategic weakness on Google’s part but you have to do it right. You have to play the game in such a way that you get traffic on a sustainable basis. There are always two ways to do things.

You can either do things the ethical and quality-based way or you can take “black hat” shortcuts. It is completely up to you. The problem is if you make the wrong choice, you may end up putting in a lot of time, money and effort only to get short-lived results. If you want to have a sustainable online business and want to get search traffic on YouTube on a sustainable and long term basis, you need to follow these key tips.


Focus on low-competition commercial keywords with decent search volumes

The foundation for getting search traffic from YouTube is to build your campaign on the right keywords. If not, you are going to absolutely lose. Either there will not be much traffic for these keywords plainly as it is or that because everybody is competing for these keywords. It doesn’t get any more basic than that, folks. You need to find low-competition keywords that have a decent search volume and are commercial in nature.

Why commercial? There are many keywords that Google sends traffic to. The problem is that they are not all saleable. Advertisers won’t pay money for these particular keywords. That is why you have to find keywords that are marketable in nature.

Use Google’s keyword selector tool to help you find these keywords, their search volume and commercial strength. Enter the keywords individually into Google’s main search engine,, to find the overall competition volume for that particular keyword you are looking into.


Post useful videos

At this point, you probably already have list of keywords that will help you get paid, get searched quite a bit and that have little competition. However, you will be throwing your YouTube campaign out of the window if you choose to make videos that are low quality. Not only will your account get banned but also, you will not get any traffic from all your video efforts. So it is really important to create videos that people would want to watch.

That is the bottom line. Create videos that provide information that the viewers are looking for. Remember, when people search using these specialized keywords, they are looking for specific information. You will be wasting their time if you produce videos that have nothing to do with the keyword that you are ranking for. At the very least, your videos must attract the viewers’ attention, speak to their interests by asking certain questions that clue them into the fact that you know what these viewers needs are.

When you speak to viewers’ needs, you draw out a desire for a solution to the problem that the viewer needs.  Your video needs to state clearly that you have the solution. You can not come out in a very “spammy” or overly commercial way. You have to be very clear that you have the answer to their needs. And then when you close the video with a solid and clear call to action, what do you want the viewer to do?

This is where the rubber meets the road.  You put in all these time, effort and money for a particular reason. You want to make money off that traffic. This is your chance. You have to be clear with your call to action.


Write compelling descriptions

Many YouTube marketers put in a lot of effort picking up the right keywords and producing the right video. However, they stop there. They drop the ball and they don’t put in the effort to write a powerful description. Your description can actually help people click the “play” button.

It must make the case. It must be relevant to their search term. In other words, why will your video solve their problem? So you need to spend a lot of time writing compelling description for your video.


The bottom line

YouTube is a gold mine. However, for many people, it will be a gold mine that will not last. Use the quality-focused tips above to help you produce and conduct YouTube video promotion campaign that will withstand the test of time. Quality will never go out of style. If you base your campaign on quality making your viewers happy, you will be on business in YouTube for a long time to come.

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