How To Make Money With CPA | What is CPA Marketing

How To Make Money With CPA | What is CPA Marketing

by January 1, 2013 2 comments

make money with cpaWhat is CPA Marketing?

CPA or cost per action is an online advertising pricing model. Put in layman’s term, it means that you redirect traffic to a specific vendor’s website, blog, etc., through your own endeavor, which can also be a web page or blog. In return, for directing traffic, you get paid! This does not amount to directly selling the vendors product but generating leads for it. The most crucial thing to bear in mind is that CPA marketing has the potential to generate massive monetary gains both for the marketer and the company, but it requires time to materialize. Through proper strategizing and given time to work its magic, CPA can become a viable source of income for the marketer and the merchandiser.

How does CPA work in a nutshell

1) To earn money from CPA, you’d need to have your own website, blog or similar online entity. This would be your primary medium from where you’d divert your readers to your affiliate’s page.

2) You’ll need to sign up with an affiliate CPA network. Choose the product you think will compel the visitors of your page to also visit your affiliate’s page.

Protip: Selecting the product which has relevance with the theme/category of your own website or blog works best.

3) You get paid for each visitor redirected from your side that performs a certain task (like filling out a form, making a purchase etc.) on the affiliate site.

That’s all fine but where does the money making come in?

To illustrate clearly how to make money with CPA, let’s consider an example. For the sake of argument, assume you have a blog or a website about gardening, which contains everything like tips, techniques, how to etc., and has quite an established fan following. You can reap the benefits of incoming traffic to your endeavor by signing up for CPA with a company that deals in gardening tools! Simply, put up your affiliate’s CPA link on your website and subtly nudge your readers into visiting their page. The amount, you get paid for sending each lead to your affiliate’s page, varies depending upon how the vendor thinks the lead would be worth in the long run.

There are niches available in the market which pay substantial amounts for lead generation. Services like vehicle insurance and dating pay a very good sum for each successful lead that fulfills their predefined stipulation. It is recommended to select that offer for promotion which has a continuous cycle, like, aforementioned dating sites, which offer monthly memberships. The reason is quite obvious; ongoing cycle would mean, you can send continuous referrals from your end as compared to one time only gig.

Tips to Successfully Make Money with CPA

In addition to some tips I shared above, here are some more tips on earning money through CPA that would help you leverage the most out of it.

1) Needless to say, companies that are on the top of any niche are always very picky about whom they select to undertake their CPA campaign. Therefore, jumping straight on the CPA bandwagon might not be the most feasible course of action! There are various meticulously crafted courses available on the internet that acquaints a newbie with basic CPA tips and techniques which would definitely help.
2) Your own endeavor would need a lot of sprucing up to attract visitors, which you can then divert to your affiliate site.

Earning money with CPA is no doubt a viable way. All it needs is dedication, strategizing and putting in full hearted efforts.

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  1. James Vaughan
    #1 James Vaughan 5 January, 2013, 16:33

    Very good article! I followed your tips to make money online via CPA.
    The only problem for me is to build a high ranking blog or website…

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  2. David Lock
    #2 David Lock 5 January, 2013, 21:12

    James, I think that for a month or two you cannot expect to earn a lot from your site.
    If you cant high up your ranking try to find a person who offers cheap SEO optimization.
    This will help you.

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