How to turn temporary traffic into a permanent pool of buyers

How to turn temporary traffic into a permanent pool of buyers

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go shoppingRegardless of whether you think your website is successful or not, it can attract quite a bit of traffic through out its life. Sure this traffic would probably be something that you’re not going to be excited about, but if you look at the whole life cycle of your website, it can add up to quite a chunk of traffic. We’re not talking of YouTube type traffic volumes, but you see the picture, your website is going to attract traffic throughout its life. The biggest challenge is that most of this traffic is going to be junk traffic and it’s going to be worthless.

Most of the people who would find your website would just click the back button and bounce back out. Many of your visitors will find you through irrelevant or confused search engine key word searches. Some would just be plainly curious; they just want to see what your website is about, but they’re really not that interested.

Another key problem to the traffic life cycle to your website is that most of these visitors will never come back. They bounce out and they never return. You’re biggest challenge is to craft a solution where you can turn as much as this temporary traffic into a permanent pool of buyers. You want to turn worthless led into gold. The answer is to build an authoritative and high quality site with a mailing list.

Your mailing list turns temporary traffic into a semi-permanent or permanent traffic. If you play the content marketing aspect of online publishing right, you may turn temporary visitors into a permanent pool of buyers. Here are three key steps that let you do it:


Step 1: Produce quality content that builds a solid online brand


Content is king! How many times have you heard that saying; sure it may sound tiring but regardless of the fact how many times people say it, it’s a saying that has always proved true. It was true yesterday, it was true today, and it will always be true. Content is king. Your website lives or dies based on your content that’s why it’s extremely important to create quality content.

This begs the question: how do you define quality content? Some people say it’s completely subjective; kind of like the truth – one person’s truth is another person’s lie. I wouldn’t go that far though; all people have a certain lowest common denominator when it comes to website content. At the most basic, quality content offers you stuff that you’re looking for.

That’s right; when you go to a website through a search engine, the page, you retrieved, better speak to the needs that are embodied by the keywords used to search for that page. It doesn’t get any simpler than this folks – you have to deliver what you promised, nothing more nothing less. Unfortunately, many shady and downright scammy web developers and online marketers think that quality content is what they define it to be.

This people will always end up complaining when Google bans or penalizes them. The truth is there is an objective standard for quality; that is the marketing standard and that’s why you have to appeal to your market and meet their needs. If you want the world to revolve around your definition of quality, then you’re not going to make much money online, or if you do it’s only going to be temporary.


Step 2:  Build a community around solid content


Producing quality content is just the first step. If you just produce quality content and you stop there you are pursuing the “field of dreams” online strategy. Just like the saying in that famous movie: “if you build it, they would come”. Sure you can build a website of high quality content and not do any work to promote it. The problem is: are you willing and able to wait? It’s going to take a while till your website gain’s enough traction. If you really want your website to take off fairly quickly based on your solid quality content, you have to build a community.

This means that when people visit your website you have to engage them and let them know that what they think about your content matters. Engage them with comments, questions and an email address where they can send their replies. In other words, be active in forming a community with a shared interest in your content. Your effort will pay off handsomely when this community gains traction, because people who will like your content will tell their friends, and then thanks to Facebook and Twitter it doesn’t take much for your website to go viral.

You need to get to that place and the first step towards that it is to build great content and building an excellent community on top of that solid content.


Step 3: Build an engaging list


The money is in the list. If you want to make money online, you need to have a mailing list. Serious websites, generating serious traffic, who don’t create mailing lists to capitalize on their traffic, are leaving serious money on the table.

If you want to make money off your website, you need to get a mailing list going; however, you have to make sure that your list is engaging. In other words, your lists should be an extension of the community around your website. This means you don’t send out garbage updates, don’t send out too many ads, you don’t burn out your list, instead you engage your members, ask questions, ask questions to their questions and use the mailing list as a place where you communicate with your fan base.

That’s how you should look at the readers of your website. Whether you own a blog or an authority site, look at your visitors as potential or actual fans. Treat your fan base correctly; they are not passive you have to view them like co creators of your website. Their feedback and their input matter a lot.


Follow the steps above to create a thriving list driven website. It all starts with quality content but it doesn’t end there; you need to have a high level of engagement to generate real income from your website community.

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