The Number one sin committed by most affiliate marketers

The Number one sin committed by most affiliate marketers

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Affiliate MarketingToo many affiliate marketers feel that they are stuck. They attended seminars. They bought products. They researched. They networked. But they aren’t making the amount of money they thought they would by now. In fact, many aren’t making any money at all. What gives? The sad truth is that many of these struggling marketers are stuck where they are because they committed the number-one sin that snags almost all marketers.

What is this common mistake? Simply starting and taking action won’t get you to where you need to go. If you give it even a few seconds of analysis, you’d know this is true. After all, you don’t automatically perform like Michael Jordan just because you were able to drag your behind to a basketball court. You don’t automatically swim like Michael Phelps when you dip your toe into a pool. Showing up and taking action is just one part of the success formula. You have to wrap your mind around the other parts if you want to truly succeed

 Just taking action won’t necessarily lead to success


Too many would-be online marketers spend lots of money on seminars, ebooks, coaching programs, and tons of other products. Many have little to nothing to show for their spending and their time. Why? They didn’t take action. Even if you were to take action, chances are you wouldn’t hit the ball right out of the park the first time you stepped to the plate. It takes consistent action. Simply taking action and putting in the effort doesn’t guarantee results. Something is missing. In fact, there are two crucial elements missing: tracking and continuous improvement.

Tracking results is crucial


Chances are, if you are like most marketers, you would be depressed about your stats or lack of sales and you’d leave it at that. You set up all these web pages and email collection systems, and you wait. And wait. And wait some more. After a while, you stop buying traffic, and you call the whole thing off. The good news is that you don’t have to go this route. You have to look beyond the zero sales or low traffic. In fact, if you look under the hood of your website’s statistics, there are some virtual gold nuggets there that point the way to future profits and riches. Seriously. If your stats had a mouth and arms, it would scream at you to take a look at it and slap some sense into you.

Successful marketers discover early on that they only need to pay attention to their results and see where their traffic is coming from, what search queries people are using, which pages are popular, and so on and so forth. These areas give you crucial clues as to what is working and what needs tweaking. If you are making zero dollars from all your online marketing efforts, you might be depressed at your lack of results. Little do you know that your site statistics are already pointing you the way to making more money. Pay attention to your site or page statistics and build on what you’re doing that currently works (popular pages, traffic from certain search terms, and other factors).


How continuous improvement leads to better results


Rome wasn’t built in one day. Money-making geniuses didn’t become like that overnight either. They had to build on a daily basis Baby steps. One improvement at a time One fire put out at a time And this is precisely what you need to focus on. Pick one area where you’re getting some traction and focus on it and replicate its success. For example: you aren’t making any sales, but one of the pages on your site is getting more traffic than others. You figure out why this is so and apply the principles to other parts of your site.

Don’t fall into the common trap of blindly starting and failing like many other marketers. Instead, keep the considerations above in mind when working on your online business. These can spell the difference between failure and success and succeeding in a big way or barely getting by.

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