Top 5 ways to fail as an online marketer

Top 5 ways to fail as an online marketer

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Top 5 ways to fail as an online marketerA ‘how to fail list’? Seriously? Well, you have probably seen tons of ‘how to succeed’ articles on the Internet. Too many. Sadly, most people don’t act on these types of lists. Why? People are reactive. They are only pushed to do something when their backs are against the wall. They only make the big moves they should have done earlier when its crunch time. And when it comes to crunch time, nothing gets more urgent than when you’re on the brink of failing. I write this list to help you get motivated before its too late. Make no mistakes about it-the price of complacency and the lack of serious planning now is failure and financial and perhaps psychological pain in the future. It is your choice. Which would you rather pick: putting in the effort and suffering the hassles now or skating until it’s too late? Here are the top 10 ways you can fail as an online marketer.

 Way to fail #1: Treat online marketing as a hobby


Way to fail #1Treat online marketing as a hobbySure, filling out forms, responding to posts online, copying and pasting materials onto online forms, and using social networks might be fun, relaxing, and enjoyable but don’t let these activities fool you-making money online is all about business. Serious business. It isn’t a hobby. It isn’t something you do when you feel like it. It is business. This means you have to do your tasks day after day even if you don’t feel like it. You have to take care of business even if you have other better things to do. You have to handle business when the tasks it require are no longer fun. Business is all about commitment. The more committed and dedicated you are, the higher your success. If you treat your online marketing activities as a hobby, you’ll only reap a hobbyist’s return: little or no money.

Way to fail #2: Expect to get rich quickly


Way to fail #2: Expect to get rich quicklyToo many online marketers got into the online marketing game because they read some ridiculously titled ebook like ‘Make $2000 a week in your pajamas’ or ‘I make $5000 a week by only working 1 day a week’ or similar hyped come-ons. The reality of Internet marketing is the same as business reality elsewhere-if you want to make it, you have to work for it. There is nothing magical about Internet marketing as a business. You still have to put in the work. You still have to sacrifice. You still have to have a solid plan. Sadly, too many ‘make money online’ programs and ebooks exploit the ‘get rich quick’ mentality and many marketers enter the online marketing game with that mindset. Predictably, many fail. Why? In online marketing, you don’t get rich quickly. You have to work at it. By entering the industry with a wrong mindset, many of these failed internet marketers ended up bring knives to a gunfight. No wonder it ended badly.

 Way to fail #3: Fail to set up a tracking system


Way to fail #3: Fail to set up a tracking systemIf you have built a website and you have stocked it with content and started a mailing list, you are only part way done. You have to track your progress. You have to install a mechanism that lets you track your progress. At the very least, statistics tools like Google Analytics and StatCounter let you know how much traffic you’re getting, what keywords people are using to find you, which sites send you traffic, among many other important pieces of traffic information. If you fail to track your traffic, you are basically taking guesses as to how to improve your website. When you use site traffic statistics, you can use hard objective data to justify or influence your site changes.

 Way to fail #4: Expect success to only take the form of money


Way to fail #4: Expect success to only take the form of moneyIt is a very common scenario: a website owner builds a great website, stocks it with tons of content, installs a traffic statistics tool to track traffic, buys traffic, builds links, partners with other websites, tries to foster a community of users based on content, then nothing happens. Few ad clicks are produced by the site. The website doesn’t make any money. This goes on for months. The website owner kept building traffic and the website still make no real money. The website owner then throws his or her hands up in the air and abandons the site. Sounds familiar? If you have gotten discouraged by your site’s poor monetary performance, maybe you’re failing because you measure your success only in terms of money. While money is your ultimate goal, your short- and mid-term goal should be how to optimize your site. When you do this, you will gain some psychological benefits from measuring success in other ways. You can measure success based on how much new traffic you’re getting, how much lower your bounce rate has become, how many more popular pages you’ve created, so on and so forth. When you measure success this way, you prevent yourself from being burned out. You also lay the groundwork for building on what you’re doing right and fixing the parts where you’re doinging something wrong. Failed marketers just focus on the money they should be making with their online properties. When this fails to materialize. They give up.

 Way to fail #5: Fail to network with other sites


Way to fail #5: Fail to network with other sitesNo man is an island. In the same vein, no blog or website is an island either. Humans need connections. Humans trust people who are connected with others. In a very real sense, people can trust you more if they can see that a lot of other people trust you. See how this works? The same process applies to your online properties. If lots of blogs and sites link to you on their own without any encouragement or pay offs from you, search engines will trust you more. This is part of what Google bases its ranking algorithms on-measuring the trustworthiness of your site. Accordingly, you need to get out there and network with other site or blog operators. Build a rapport with them. Build your brand with them.

Site owners and marketers who fail simply build a site and never network with others. Their site flounders as a result.


Don’t let your online business become yet another sorry statistic. Remember: over 90% of bloggers fail. Don’t make the mistakes above and increase your chances of becoming part of the minority that actually makes great money from their online properties.

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